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On November 6 we will elect one of our United States senators and all of our congressional representatives. You must vote, and if you cannot vote, then you must get everybody you know who can vote to help us change our government!

Please register to vote if you are a citizen. If you have family or friends who are citizens, please encourage them to register to vote. Contact us if you need help registering to vote — we can help.

Virginia is not blue (Democrat) or red (Republican); it is purple. The republican, anti-immigrant state delegate in Fredericksburg won when a judge flipped a coin after a tied election. Attorney General Mark Herring, who has worked for women and immigrants, won his first election with less than 200 votes out of millions for the entire state. It is nonsense to say your vote does not matter in Virginia.

Donald Trump has made life for immigrants a nightmare. He has made it acceptable for bigots to crawl out of the gutter and discriminate against everybody who do not look like or talk like them. We must stop this now!

The Republicans could not find any laws broken by Hillary Clinton even after 6 years of investigation, but their constant noise made a lot of people uncomfortable, so they did not vote for president. When people do not vote, bad things happen.

Congress is supposed to oversee the president, but the republican Congress if afraid of the uninformed followers of Donald Trump, so they refuse to stand up to him. We must change Congress to stop this dangerous, reckless and lawless president. The United States has always welcomed immigrants, especially when seeking asylum.

We need to take our country back.